Thoughts On Latest Remaster News


It’s a dud.

404, page not found.

Google kung-fu: “indiekings diablo 2 resurrected” first result.

It’d be a real kick in the balls if they announced D:I instead. :rofl:

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Fixed link…

Lies lies lies lies lies and more lies

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I still think Diablo Immortal Beta test phase is going to be announced there… whether or not D2:resurrected will be announced too remains to be seen. It would fit with the timeframe they have set when they announced there would be a beta testing for D:I

I was thinking the same thing.

Pezradar says right on that reddit post there is no remaster, welcome to the typical let down of modern day activision blizzard, think its hightime to give up on this company.

Ah well. We gave Blizzard the hints on what we want, we told them what we want, but they don’t seem to listen.

Perhaps it’s best to leave Diablo 2 as is. Keep the game playable as much as possible on the latest systems.

In regards to no MacOS Catalina support for Diablo 2, the way Apple is going towards ARM based systems, Apple is probably going to alienate a lot of game titles besides Diablo 2 anyway.

Here’s to hoping Diablo 2 marches on.

I think Diablo immortal will release before D2remaster 1 year. Don’t you have phone? Have fun with Diablo immortal :slight_smile:

Where does the person say there is no remaster?

There are numerous times that Blizzard reps reply to those asking why Diablo 2 won’t work in MacOS 10.15 Catalina… They say that the MacOS/64bit issue is something they are working on, but can’t give an ETA on when it will be available…

To me, this is a big clue that there is something in the works. Maybe it just isn’t far enough to completion to be announced on Diablo 2’s 20th anniversary.

My guess is they are planning on this to be a surprise of some kind…

Let’s face it: Blizzard won’t release Diablo 2 Remastered (or whatever they want to call it) UNTIL they have fully functional 64 bit versions for both PC and Mac. Until then, you can still play it by setting up a boot drive on Mac with OS 10.14, which is a nuisance but the game is still there for you.

And if your Mac won’t run on 10.14 because it’s shiny-new, you’ll have to wait or set up a PC emulator to run it from Windows. I had to run StarCraft using the earlier release OS workaround until the Remaster came out, and I was fully satisfied by the remaster there. It won’t be a half-baked job when it happens.

Interesting about the Diablo 2 downloader… :open_mouth:

Also, a few months before the Reforge announcement host bots were destroyed by Blizz. We’ll see what happens in the coming months if there is continued action against the D2 bot and hack problems.

Latest rumor update:

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I bet that D2 will be reimagined in D4 somehow. Perhaps via time travel as a quest chain to stop Lilith? I doubt that this would include the exact gameplay but perhaps the same areas or pathway so to pull on nostalgia not far off from what they tried to do with D3? I mean this is Blizzard and they sorta make the same decisions when it comes to their games…