This whole authentication process SUCKS

Apparently I had a battlenet account some years ago - like 7 or 8. This in the world of passwords, and the internet seems like an eternity to me. I can’t remember what happened last month, let alone what my password or “authentication doohicky” was 8 years ago!!

So I bought a new offer of older versions of Diablo (blow?) that just came out on Xbox. Could I create a new account? No. Have to use the old one. Can I login to the old one? No. Don’t have whatever authenticator or whatever it is. Try to “remove the authenticator” uhh, well, it wants you to login with the *&^%# authenticator to remove the thing!

I’m so frustrated with this damned thing I can’t express it.

Goodbye. I wish I hadn’t paid you guys a red cent!

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In the same boat, except all this sht is all thanks to the fairly expensive (for us) christmas present i got my husband, that he still hasnt had a chance to play, because we cant get someone to just turn off the authenticator…

Im wishing you all the luck, friend.