This issue has been happening for 6 months now

i have written here before and still nothing has been resolved. when ever i go into my battlenet app and go under the social tab and look to the left you can see friends that you have had conversation with. when you move the mouse over the name you can see a X that deletes the name that way you cannot see it anymore. the problem im having is even when i press the x it will get rid of everyone’s name for that day. When i log off and come back on the next day, i look under the social tab and all the people i have deleted are back. i have contacted blizzard about this and was told to delete the blizzard folder and battlenet folder under %localappdata%, %programdata%, and %temp%. i have also deleted the game off my computer and also the battlenet app. soon as i redownload the app the names show up again. please can you do something about this, thank you