This is considered trolling to Blizz, but

Your game still sucks. No matter what I play, no matter what card is in the deck, no matter how absurd a deck it is…your matchmaking always matches me up with the perfect counter. Best example will always be to set up your deck to counter secrets (specifically, Secret Mage) and you’ll never meet one.

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i tested this theory and it does somewhat work. But the sad part is, they have made mage and paladin so OP its all anyone is playing. And they counter everything well. The only two decks that can beat them are the two in question…the secret pali and no minion mage. If i play any other character guess what i play against everytime? You guessed it, a mage or pali with this deck. Its absurd. and when i play mage or pali, guess what i play against. lol wow your good, yep, mage or pali. Dont get me wrong i play a warrior or druid from time to time, but its literally 2 in 10 maybe at best. I love this game but its so disgusting the way they make matches. Atm i am platinum 1 and struggling to get to Diamond. So at Platinum 1 i played against a pali that smoked me of course, so i friended him and he was diamond 5. WTF. Use to u played the same Start lvl as you, but since they took that away its obvious u dont

Not an API issue.