This Game Cannot Be Played Yet on PC

I have launched battlenet and when I go to Play Immortal the play button never lights up and it says This Game Cannot Be Played Yet. I can launch other games like D3 just fine so it is only Immortal that is being affected. I can’t find any notice of down time or server maintenance so what is going on?

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Same here.
I used the repair tool and it didn’t work.
So I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it didn’t work.
What is going on?

Same here, i can play with my phone, but not in PC.-

Same here i cant not play on pc

To get a more accurate and prompt answer to your question, you should comment, Where are you from?

This is now happening to me after a black out while I was playing.

The games in open beta you have to enable the beta version of battle net to get it to allow you to play Diablo immortals



This is what solved my problem. Thank you!

Thanks for this. It did work.

The odd thing though is that I was not using the Beta version of Battle Net for the first 58 levels of gameplay (a week or two) with zero problem. Only in the last couple days did I see the message “This game cannot be played yet.” Just seems a little sporadic.