"this game cannot be played yet" MW2 BETA ISSUES

i purchased the beta for me and my friend, we both went through the same process and his worked and mine did not. I installed it a few days ago and have since uninstalled and reinstalled battle.net aswell as the game.
i cant post screenshots or message links i can see it in my library but i simply cannot click the play button. Any ideas please let me know.

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Same issue here.

It’s driving me crazy.
Some people managed to get a beta code from the redeem code on the callofduty .com/beta website.

You might wan’t to give it a try.
But for me it’s asking for a code to redeem the code (yes I’m logged in, with accounts linked)

yh man i understand… i already redeemed my code and still noting. its annoying :frowning:

dude same here, ive done everything its told me to do ive waited for the date, ive inputed a correct beta code into activision while signed into my battle.net account, ive downloaded it, now im waiting, wont let me play at all lol and now im getting the chance to actually update it and it wont even let me update it and i cant get in contact with any freaking support whatsoever on either activision or battlenet

Yeah has anyone seen a fix for this? It makes no sense.

Were you able to figure this out?

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