Third Party WoW - Razer Chroma Integration


Hi there,

I own a Razer Chroma enabled keyboard and mouse and would like to develop an add-on that allows them to display information about the game, e.g. health, mana, switching all lights to gray when dead, etc.

The problem: The Chroma SDK is a C++ library, and can not be accessed from LUA addons, which would necessitate reading WoWs memory from an external application, thus likely be noticed by Warden.
As this application would never write memory, nor provide additional information, I do not believe it would be cheating.

My question:
Does the sole reading of memory already constitute a bannable offense, or does Blizzard allow this kind of benign applications?

A possible workaround would be to communicate with a LUA addon visually, e.g. through a 4x4 patch of pixels, but I’d prefer to avoid visuals-impeding trickery.

Best wishes


This forum is dedicated to Blizzard’s web API, for addons and the lua API you could try

F.Y.I. there have been cases where legit software drivers caused problems with warden, so anything you do regarding wow memory will probably trigger a ban. Good luck!


Thanks for the link to the forum. As a Person playing on EU servers, I’m sadly not allowed to post there, sind I don’t have a character above level 10 on the US BattleNet :frowning: