These Que Times are Insane

Honestly, something needs to be done. Sitting in que for 10 minutes to make a game. Open up more servers, ban the bots. Literally killing the game for regular players.


Why Blizzard doesnt do anything? There is like 10 days with a lot of queue games to create 1 game, do something, why you killing this game??? Why you dont do anything? come on blizzard


pathetic… is there a place we can complain that actually hurt their image ? only way those fu$%# will do something…


“Working as intended”

They clearly are doing this on purpose to avoid games being made too quick. They have posted countless times that doing this is hard on this old system. Temp bans mostly hurt the regular folks. I’m right there with everyone when I say this sucks bad. But this has to be a known and intended change.

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4000 que on USEAST right now.


If we want to get results we clearly have to flood another forum not untended for d2. That is to get someones attention even if our posts get scrubbed sooner or later it will agrivate them enough to get them to say hey I am sixk of removing these posts.

Well then they are clearly idiots as only bots sit and wait and that further promotes purchasing items from 3rd parties as normal users can’t play… open source it to the community so we can host it and take care of it.

how we should play this crap
as legit player jus unplayable
time to make a game is longer then i play in a game…, useless!

The queue phenomenon reminds me of this…

"D2 gamers who fight with monsters should look to it that they themselves do not become a monster. And if you gaze long into a long queue waiting in line list, a long queue waiting in line list also gazes into you."
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Levels and Dueling , Aphorblizzims p146

This quote is perfect and also truth…

The problem we all have with it is that we crave the instant creation of games and then discard said games like they were meaningless. Imagine if we only had so many games we could create per day on a character and after that you had to join already made games? it would make us all appreciate each and every game more.

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server is super smooth passed two days, idk what blizzard did but its 50x smoother… doubt it will last long but atleast they did something… ty blizzard