The server is back

As people expected the server is back to normal after 2 weeks. Was this by developers or the system which automatically set banned IPs free after 2 weeks? Either way I’d like to hear explanation from Blizzard.

Yeah me too… i would like to know what happened? I couldn’t connect to any realm, but some just couldn’t connect to USWEST… seemed like Korea couldn’t get on at all… would like to know more please

The modern games and Battlenet have far better notifications and indicators when there’s a problem. D2 unfortunately does not. There are so many variables with few to no indications on which are causing a problem.

  • Some temporary play restictions are by server, so they can overlap with issues with a specific server(s).

  • Other temp play restrictions block all servers, so they can overlap with any issues that prevent people from connecting to all the servers.

  • Full bans will also block all servers, so those overlap with some of the temp play restictions and any issue that prevents people from connecting to all the servers.

  • Add on top of all that, some people have been able to connect to all servers without a problem. That throws the possibility into the mix that there was an issue outside of Bliz.

And with how prevalent temporary play restrictions are with D2R hype setting in, they are surely getting mixed into the known technical issues. If there were any bans sprinkled in too, that would make it even more confusing.

So in the end, there likely isn’t a single, unified explanation as to what happened/is happening. That’s why I’ve been suggesting that people submit a ticket asking what their account status is. That at least would give some direction. Wait out a restriction before trying to connect again? Keep trying to connect hoping a fix went in? Forget it all if banned? Etc. That would be better than knowing nothing and succumbing to negative speculation.

Haha yeah dude… surely you’ve seen my posts, i think you’ve even replied in my thread… i’ve been through all of the support tickets multiple times as well as a couple mates i got in on the action, same answer every time from Blizz, which was basically they don’t know but they will look into it :man_shrugging: but they acknowledged a problem, not a restriction… not just me and my mates here in Aus, but the same with ppl over seas

I dont beleive it was a mass banning… that wouldnt explain the issues with some people being able to connect to USWEST after multiple attempts… and i definitely have not succumb to negative speculation as you are suggesting lol… (alot of people did though so i getcha) but rather as a player of this game on and off for 20 years now since it came out i’m just curious to know… i’ve haven’t seen anything quite like this, entire states and territories, ISP’s etc all had connection issues with legacy servers, and not just in Diablo 2! but other legacy games as well… i’m no noob lol, i’ve done my research and done the right thing by trying to work with Blizzard to figure it out… no doubt there was multiple issues but what has happened is a mystery still :smile: there are literally so many people who have done support tickets and got the same results as me…

The modern servers that D2R will be running on wont have the same issues (thank god! Haha) but i bet it brings its own challenges though… all in all it seems like everyone who couldn’t get on from the exact same time i couldn’t get on can now get back on at the exact same time… so yeah Leviathan i wouldn’t mine some sort of info on the what happened… multiple issues for sure but something did happen, also i’ve noticed alot of people having shots at you and the other MVP’s because of the frustration (lol) of not being able to play a game during this… all i can say is don’t worry about the people giving you flak… at the end of the day, you guys are just here to help by giving suggestions on how to go about things, i was preaching the same thing with support tickets EVEN though it really did nothing for me… but the more info Blizzard could get from people and not from people going off on forums the better

BUT lol… appears USWEST is still having issues with people only being able to intermittently connect and sometimes not at all