The new gear store is bad

The new gear store is here just in time for blizzcon, and my experience has been trash.

I search blizzard gear store and find out that it has completely changed. I attempt to log in with my usual credentials and they do not work. I know the email I use, so I attempt to reset the password, even though I know it isn’t wrong. I find out that I instead have to create a new account, so I attempt this.

I create the account, and there is really no confirmation or indication that it worked or didn’t work. So now I attempt to log in again, and it says the password I just used is incorrect. So I figure maybe the account wasn’t made. I mean, I didn’t get any sort of confirmation email or anything so it must not have worked, right?

I attempt to make the account again, and it says the email is already in use. Ok… so I do a password reset since the one I just entered isn’t working. I have yet to get a password reset link email.

Then I contact customer service about this issue, as well as 2 returns I want to make. One for an order on the new store, and one for an order on the old store. All I want are return labels. They say it’ll take up to 2 days to resolve these issues and get me what I need.

I finally get an email saying “To use the label, simply attach it to your shipping box or bag.” Thing is, there is no label provided in the email. So I contact CS again.

They take upwards of 10 minutes to respond to every single comment I make on the CS chat, and pretty indirectly too. Often times they simply say “I’m not seeing that”, or “one moment” (moment being like 10 minutes) only to finally tell me that their system is not allowing them to email me a return label, and that they need to submit a ticket about it - 48 to 72 hours response time. The first CS rep told me essentially the same thing. Can’t wait to get another useless email in 3 days.

It feels like I am battling uphill to send 2 t shirts back and get my money back.

Why is it so hard to log into a website or process a return on an order made like a week prior? The old site never had a single issue for me. I’ve seen other posts about price increases, region locks, etc. I can’t imagine this system trying to handle blizzcon traffic. Buy at your own risk everyone.


I agree. I don’t like how most items are $20 more than the base price was on the previous store.

Like if it’s to make up the “free” shipping cost then ok i guess, but would prefer to pay $9 shipping than $20 more in base cost.

I also find it more aesthetically off putting. Like I really thought it was a phishing scam to trick us into entering our user names and passwords when i first saw it.


Follow up 1

I just wanted to mention this part as a follow up. After they told me they were submitting another ticket and it would be 3 days, I decided I could accept that and hang up, or essentially complain to them, so I said the following.

Sennamon: It’s not allowing me to send a return label. What I can do is put a ticket out and we will contact you via email with in 48-72 business hours.
Me: thats what the first CS rep said
Me: and I already got that email
Me: but it had NO LABEL IN IT
Me: why is this system so bad
Me: take the shirts back and give me my money back, its in your returns policy
Me: send me the label
Sennamon: I see your return label has already been processed and you should receive it by nd of the day

I then asked if I could use it for both items, and that I would be getting my full refund back for the items, with no weird fees or anything. and this happened.

Sennamon: I Just sent the email.
Me: one moment while I check
Sennamon has disconnected.

CS rep just dipset out… So basically, CS rep said this

  1. We can’t send you a label, it needs to be a ticket - wait 3 days
  2. Just kidding, it’s processed and I just sent the email
  3. Peace out (haven’t gotten the email)

This is BlizzardTM customer service now. I always get excited for the Blizzcon gear, and now i’m just pissed off and I feel like buying on this crap store can only lead to issues if you try and do anything but give them your money.


Don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on anything. The Blizzcon merch available outside of those physically attending, seems to be an abysmally poor representation. None of the artwork prints, aside from the arbitrary game character poster, were posted to the store.