The new desktop app chat design

Hello! About the new desktop app chat screen. I really don’t mind redesigns, and I get that you maybe wanted it to look similar to the mobile app chat, however… this change has now made it more difficult to read quickly, with no basic chat customization options?
It would be helpful if we could at the very least change the font size, you guys pick a better font style, or have the bubble format be optional altogether.

In the next redesign (or now), would you please consider making this bubble format optional, or at least adding font size? It also needs a less thin font.

It was much better with just plain 'ol white text on dark background, and this kind of design change to a chat program needs to come with customization options.

Edit: Okay and this post is all after seeing just the pop-out chat box, which seems to be slightly smaller bubbles/text than the full app chat screen. Why is it smaller?! :frowning:


Individual chat boxes have to be bugged or something. It just looks so bad and the font is different.