The New Blizzard

Hello dear Blizzard,

I want to start by saying that my first love affair with your company was with a warcraft demo (tide of darkness), I only needed three stages of that demo to become a fan of what you do.

Then I had the opportunity to play Diablo (1), a masterpiece, and for which I was convinced, when I was a teenager, that computer games could give you entertainment out of the meager life that one could lead.

At the same time I also remember Starcraft, a game with a gripping story and without a doubt they managed to surpass it with Starcraft 2 (to this day I see its story and cinematics and it is undoubtedly their best work in terms of story).

Then they gave us Diablo 2, the truth is that I don’t know how many hours of my adolescence I spent playing it, but it is undoubtedly the best PC game I’ve played in my life (to this day).

I was never a big fan of Warcraft 2 (I loved the big ships of the humans and the turtles of the orcs and that was not incorporated in Warcraft (1), I could never get over that XD), but still was an amazing game.

Finally they gave us World of Warcraft, something absolutely revolutionary for the time, and that to this day, I have not been able to find the same experience in another game.

What I have said above is just to give you a context of what you mean to me, you gave me happiness and distraction in times when I was not really having a good time.

I know this introduction could have been very long, but my final goal is to let you understand that before I criticize your current state, I have some knowledge about it.

Everything I said before was just to put in context that I am a fan of your work, and that what you are doing today, with all your games, is a tremendous disappointment.

Of all the games created by you, I never had the perception that you were looking for money, insted to deliver a unique experience to the players, and therefore, you could make a profit.

For the above mentioned, is that I want to express my concern for the path that is taking my dear Blizzard, I am seeing that money is more important that actually creating a real experience for people. From what i see lately, creativity is no longer an option, instead, money is goal.

I work in the financial world, and I understand what it means, but you, as a truly innovative and pioneering company in video games (thus, life changing), I have to say that you have lost your way.

My goal with this statement (if you get to read it) is to tell you that, as a lifelong Blizzard fan, today I feel disappointed and hurt by what I am seeing, I understand that money is what moves the world, but this company foundation it was about more than that, it was about giving people a truly, maybe life changing experience (like me), today is all about money (ex: EA).

Hope you get back in track, till then i wont play anything you come up.


Ex-Blizzard fan (with great pain)

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