The Life of the Game


Such a wordy title, but I’m afraid this is the new boards. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Anyone lurking about these parts of the net-boards? Any players? Any gameplay of late to write about?

Been thinking of giving the Sorcerer another run sometime soon…


Rest in pain Diablo 1


After Diablo 2 hit the “life of this game” was pretty toast.

Circa 2004 Diablo game…

create public co-op
3 guys join
solo dungeon while three idiots in town dupe gear


I’ve been playing diablo 1. I love it. I’m on nightmare mode but I had to reinstall everything so my character may not be saved. It won’t be a bother since I know the tricks to get back up quickly and by tricks I mean certain gear on lan. The fun part is on hell mode can you dodge 20 fireballs throwing at you when entering level 13 after walking for few feet if they all spawn around you. Powerful warlocks got to watch them. Get a good roll of powerful enemies it will be like a cage match the only way to live is to dodge the chaos of a tight area room space. Those were good times.

A player get to decide which enemies they will face at level 13. A player can’t have all 3 resistance filled only 1 or 2 can be max out. Enjoy!