The lack of care from blizzard

To every blizzard employee and higher up ( if any of yall still exist ) through the years I’ve been playing your games I’ve noticed the decline and basic stop in effort or care to your communities and game development. Did you just loose sight of the big picture and drive to put out good content for the games you create or did greed and the want to line yall pockets become more important? I believe you owe the little bit of the community yall have remaining a honest and up front answer no filler, no covering your mistakes just a up front no smoke and mirrors reason, if yall even still give a damn about us tiny and dying fan base we are. please if you even still have the drive to make great games and content for said game in you deadlines be damned then please try to be better then you have. from a dying in loyalty fan to the blizzard i loved from my childhood please be better @BlizzardEntertainment

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You might try adding examples, offering solutions, or looking for constructive ways to improve what you are upset with.

they don’t care, they’ll ban you for being " toxic " after you’ve played their games for 15 + years, because some new 13 year old on a new account reports you. They don’t care about your childhood experiences. All they want is money.

After playing their games for more than 15 years, they won’t care; they’ll remove you for being “toxic” because a new 13-year-old on a new account reported you. Your past experiences as a child are irrelevant to them. They only care about money.

Making new accounts to keep complaining about a ban is not going to help you.

You agreed to follow the chat rules. The same rules that have been in place since at least 2004 for WoW and other games.

It does not matter how long you have played. It matters only that if you break the rules, get reported, you are treated the same as anyone else. Money won’t save you from being held accountable for your actions in game.