The hungerer offhand doesn’t drop

After changing from a barbarian to demonhunter i got my first legendary which is the hungerer… but i decided to go back to barb… after a week of waiting i then did a character class change to demonhunter again. been happy playing with it and now @ paragon 158+ completed all my set except i notice the hungerer weapon could
not be found or not dropping i think my character is bugged please help i need my offhand weapon back….

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I came here after searching why, after changing from barb to demon hunter as soon as class change was available, I was able to collect every legendary and unique EXCEPT for hungerer. I’m now P185, and I’ve started a log because I’m convinced this is a bug. I’ve picked up hundreds and hundreds of legendaries, and I refuse to believe RNG would be this bad. I also ran fractal plane, twice. And deleted hungerer twice. and it STILL hasn’t dropped. As this is a build-defining legendary for demon hunters, something is fundamentally broken. This needs fixed, or I’m taking my cash elsewhere.

I played wizard but only till 35 lvl…Now I am 186 paragon and still never got the Hungerer😐

Thanks! that’s both affirming and disheartening. And the latest battlepass provided legs instead of an offhand, so we might need to wait 2 more rounds.

I am P202 now and have gotten everything except hungerer as well. this is very frustrating. All gear level 15 = a lot of legendaries which I have gotten over the 3 months I’ve been playing. Would greatly appreciate acknowledgement of this issue and resolution. As mentioned above, if you look at every DH, they are running hungerer offhand.

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