The heck happened to group chat?

So the app is kinda useful, you can text with friends and fix your profile. But what happened to the groups you create from the desktop? Shouldn’t that be able a thing you can do too?

So blizzard: please add group chats, this makes it easier for those who wanna play later after work or school and not miss when friends start playing without them later. And it would be fun to text each other in group chats. It’s kinda annoying when you don’t see group invites or group chats that you already are in.

So please fix so that you can chat in groups.


I want that too. I shouldn’t have to download the desktop app to chat in groups I’ve joined.

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Myself and several others in his and within the social groups we’ve created would love this as well. I don’t understand why there is no social group available in the mobile app.

How can I join the group chat