The golden fountain of youth

the aztec pryamids, every pryamid in latin america would have gold plating on them. then the aztec human sacrafice ceremonies would last for months, years, possibly even decades. the blood is turned into plasma via simple stone work, then it pours into a golden pool in a catacomb under the pryamids. a golden life giving fluid in a golden pool, the white aztec gods would go in elderly people and come out a baby, or what every age group the blood was gotten from. once the age group is finished with the golden plasma in the golden pool, it gets flushed, and more people get sacraficed, maybe a different age group. the indians who would be getting sacraficed would believe it as the best death, being chosen would be the greates honor in their civilization, they would be worshiped also, their lives so one of their god race can go on, it might be 1500+ babies per person to rejuivate down to a younger age.