The Future of Warbands

This is my case for making Warbands an extension of Clans. My experience as a Clan leader in Diablo Immortal leads me to believe these changes can result in positive changes for grouping, utility, sense of community, player retention. and overall view of the game.

It is significantly harder as a mobile game Clan leader (as opposed to a WoW Guild Leader) to motivate members, schedule activities, help and grow new or lower level members, and retain members (either for the clan or game in general). Diablo Immortal simply does not have the necessary tools. Generally, this would be overcome with the use of addons or third party programs (such as Discord), but in all the mobile games I’ve played (including this one) the general player base has an aversion to this. Let’s face it, it would just be better and more convenient to have these tools right in the game.

So my proposal (yeah, I know, took awhile to get here - but just you wait) is to make Warbands a part of the Clan. Specifically, as a way to schedule and create groups for Raids, Group Farming, Dungeons, Rifts, and maybe eventually PvP or a Rated PvP mode for team queue. You can make it so either Leader/Officer or anyone in a Clan can schedule a group for something (could be to group ASAP or maybe up to a month in the future) and clan members can view all the scheduled events, filter by type, and join an event with sign up button. If somebody doesn’t show up, or has to leave early, then any clan member could be brought in to take the open spot.

But let’s take it further. Obviously, the Warband stash would become a Clan stash (if you are worried about too many items being available this way with increased Warband groups just lower the drop rate a bit). Let’s also make the Warband camp a kind of guild hall for the Clan. Make it so the leader can choose what area it is in (i.e. if I picked Realm of Damnation then the area and visuals of the warband camp would look like we were in that zone). Add it to players maps so they could see its location in that zone, and clan members could access it from that spot, also add a warband camp NPC (currently the only one is next to the raid tree portal) to the Shadows and Immortals area for easier access. If the Clan wants to ever change the spot (i.e. put it in Frozen Tundra or Dark Wood and have that aesthetic) make it cost orbs, hilts, or Platinum to do it - and now I’ve just monetized it a bit for you. You can even make it so Clan members can donate those things (orbs, hilts or Platinum) to a Clan bank specifically for this kind of thing.

But wait, there’s more! You could add some kind of leveling system for the Warband camp that allows the clan to make it bigger, upgrade stash storage, and add vendors! Maybe give like a Blacksmith for the Warcamp for free after getting the camp to a certain rank, but then other ranks give you the ability to purchase an Identifier, Jewelry npc, access to personal stash from warcamp, maybe the ability for the warcamp fire to give you a short PvE buff, etc with orbs, hilts, or Plat paid from the Clan Bank (look more monetization that all Clan members can choose to donate to).

Currently, Clans have little use outside the Cycle of Strife, and for players that don’t care about that, Clans have basically no use. This would help create a sense of community in the Clan, give it real utility and purpose, promote retention and the desire to be in a clan with active members (way too many Clans on my server with only a few active members - which spreads people actually playing the game too thin), and gives leaders and officers better tools to engage with their members and make sure people get to do activities they want like Raids, farming groups, dungeons, etc. And most importantly, make Warbands go from one of the most hated features in the game into something fun and useful.

Random Thoughts/Ideas:

  • Warband Leaderboard may need to be retired unless the reward is given to all Clan members (I think it would be too much work and cause bad blood if only the top people who got the kill that gave the leaderboard rank, got the reward)

  • I already expect some people might complain that this much utility in the warcamp will take away from people in the open world, but I would disagree. People would still have to go out of the warcamp to join queue rifts, raid, dungeons, vaults, pvp, visit hilt vendor, pick up/turn in bounties and contracts, etc. Plus to visit essence transfer NPC, Bestiary, Embers NPC, Gold Gambling vendor, etc.

  • Could add a purchasable Diplomat NPC for the Warcamp that, if a part of the Immortals, other allied clan members can visit your camp and/or view scheduled events and join them.

  • WHEN you implement these ideas I expect a BUTT TON of legendary crests, orbs and plat as a thank you…and just so you know, I have a HUGE butt - so don’t be stingy.

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