The fractured plane issue

Hi support,
Today i finish running the fractured plane level 15 in 27min 55sec with no death but i cant collect the reward under event. Kindly help to check. Thanks


Yeah, i have the same problem.
Finished in 28 min and it didn’t count towards any of the tasks (60min, 50, etc.)…

Pls fix and reimburse, thx :slight_smile:

It could be, that you are rewarded for the second run. If I remember correctly, the task were not showing for the first run. Maybe they get unlocked, after completing 15 levels…

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At my 1st run. I finished in 50min with 0 death and only got the reward of 5/10/15 level cleared.
It seems that we need to do twice or more…

Also having Fractured Plane reward issues… cleared floor 15 with no deaths in 25 mins 31 sec. I am not able to collect any of the Fractured Plane event rewards

Same problem. Cleared floor 15 with 0 deaths in 23mins and 0 rewards legendary/green.

Same Problem, 27 min 1 death but mo Reward. German Server Vizjerei

I also had this same problem. Please fix this.

you definitly have to run planes 2 times. finishing 15 levels for the first time unlock the challenges for the subsequent runs. my second try was successful and i got all rewards.

no idea why someone would enable this only after the first run…

Same issue for me. Didnt unlock on my second run.