The forgotten right ( Peace with and respect to Iranian who are actually paying you)

well well well
the topic that blizzard staffs hates to to talk about it

Lets see what they did to Iranian players who are not responsible to Iran or Us governments they restricted us from :

  1. Having balance (adding balance with any kind of method or exchange it from in-game token to balance) so we have to Buy games or subscription out of blizzard store
    what did this cost me ? Many times I trusted to several third -party shops and one time they stole my money and didn’t gave me the code or gifted games
    what did they respond me ? "Our suggestion is that you should contact the retailer or the one who sold you the key code, maybe you will find our some thing " and they suggested me to NOT purchase from 3rd parties LIKE I want to do that :smiley:
  2. we cant use any kind of character services in shop (mainly I can not do anything with shop not shopping nor selling nor adding balance )
  3. we cant have tokens ?

what they suggest ? yes go protest and talk to your government to change their behavior and stop what they do ? wtf I didn’t choose to born here and I cant talk to them to change any thing and If they listened to me what they can do ? and If blizzard or Us government doesn’t like Iran government just simply sanction on us government and our staff and restrict or ban them to play on blizzard not poor unbeloved me or my people !!!

what I can do ?
go protest outside to change Regime for this stupid game ? nah
protest here ? no one cares and this topic will be closed like in few ours just like my other topic they did butalso it doesn’t change anything
the last way is to create a new account that I lies about my country and connect with VPN so they don’t find out and pay again to blizzard and get WOW games and get unrestricted :))) then I have to accept highest ping ever you can imagin it and my unsatisfied personality

What do you suggest me ?
c’mon throw me some hateful and racist words to my face like blizzard DID