The end of one adventure, the beginning of another

I’m not sure why I am here, in the forums. Aside from the 1/1000 chance I get a blue post all I am likely to encounter are trolls. I guess trolls have to eat too right? Here’s your thanksgiving feast trolls!

I was banned a few days ago from Wow. Offence: WOTLK Classic - buying gold. I won’t bother to explain how I unintentionally ended up with gold from a gold seller; this is a troll feast, but you’ll have to find dessert somewhere else.

What is sad though is that my wow account is 15 years old. I’ve bought every expansion ever released, played every blizzard game that has been released in the last 15 years and never once have I had any issues, not even a single temp mute. I would have expected a warning or something, but nope; banned on first offence. I get it though, I also wanted bliz to fix the crazy economy. One would think though that they can fix it by banning gold farms and not legit players right?

What sucks is that a classic ban also means a retail ban. I’ve been messing around in classic but most of my friends are retail only. Also, I honestly was looking forward to playing dragonflight. Maybe the return to WOW’s roots? I had my characters prepped and ready to go, something I haven’t done in several expansions. Funny though a classic ban means a retail ban; I guess I won’t be playing dragonflight. It was kinda sad to tell my mates I won’t be there with this for release.

I suppose they expect I will just make a new account, buy the expansion with boost and a few tokens to get my retail gold back. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for WOW is gone, thought that isn’t completely due to the ban. I do have a 50 hr/week job, a marriage that’s about to finish year 2, and I’ve got a baby girl on the way! I’ve also picked up other hobbies. I’m a maker and I actually have money to buy tools and materials to do cool maker stuff these days.

Maybe it’s time for me to finally end my relationship with WOW / blizzard. I always thought, once a WOW player, always a WOW player. You know… WOW players never quit, they just take breaks. I guess, my break starts a bit early this cycle.

Here’s to a great expansion launch and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi: :slight_smile:

I’m also not quite sure why you are posting here – but I’ll bite… once !

This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games — legacy games such as Diablo II (2000). This is the wrong forum for WoW in general and WotLK in particular; there is a WotLK category on the WoW forums here:

I’m pretty sure that the Blizzard WoW Community Managers (CMs) don’t come here to gather feedback of various WoW Classic players.

Most of the people who post here are players… like you… like me. There’s nothing we can do to help you with an account penalty… and we can’t relay your views to Blizzard’s CMs.


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They silence/ban people by number of reports, they realy dont care what did you say or do… just vote - bye

once great company , now hated

No, they very much care and have not automated the Suspensions for chat. If you get a Suspension then you got reported AND the logs attached backed it. Further, a Suspension means it is not the first infraction on the account.

When the rules don’t allow profanity, masked profanity, slurs, insults, etc. Don’t do that.

If you have questions about the system, you are always free to post on the WoW Customer Support forum.

Im waiting 2+ days for somebody to answer ticket

Probly answer is copy/pasted if they ever answer


Ticket times are HUGE right now. Expect it to be closer to 2 weeks wait. CS handles all Blizzard games and services. They are buried in tickets right now and DF release won’t make that shorter.

Yes, they do use an approved copy paste reply for common issues. An appeal is a very common issue. It is either upheld with a firm but polite note, or it is overturned with apologies. If overturned you can also ask for game time compensation.

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