The cursor is barely visible

Half the time I have to guess where the cursor is because it’s to small and the colors blend so easily into the background, during fights skill and enemy fx totally overshadow it and you can’t tell where the cursor is.

Obviously almost everything depends on knowing exactly where the cursor is so missing with skills, walking further into the acid pools and telegraphed enemy attacks instead of moving out of the way, etc. happens a lot and could be fixed so very easily if the cursor was bigger and especially colored in a way that makes it stand out at all times.

E.g. have it glow with a simple animation that quickly changes between 3 colors, now regardless of what happens the cursor will always be visible and surely it can be made to mesh well with the art style of the game.

Playing at 1080p.

I agree. I think the cursor image doesn’t scale with resolution. If I play on 4k full screen the cursor is a tiny spec.

I believe if you increase your cursor size in windows it will carryover into the game.

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