The biggest problem of necromancers

Hello, I wrote more than once about bugs on the NECRO character in Diablo Immortal, which affects all necroses, namely the legendary gems do not have any effects when using summons on the NECRO character - this applies only to legendary gems
5 *. When I use Legendary 1 * Gems that have less effect, they are applied by pets, while when I biS Legendary Gems that are also proposed for this class by BLIZZARD, applying these effects by pets and on pets has no effect.
1 * berserker increases pets’ DMG, x / 5 does not increase jade.
Why is this the case and will this problem be solved in any way? I am asking for an answer and some comfortable solution for every NECRO player.
Regards, Karol.

If somebody is confused, he’s asking why blood soaked jade is still bugged and doesn’t apply the bonus damage to summons/minions.
I agree this seriously need to be fixed, it’s recommended for the summoner build in game but doesn’t work it have the same text as follower’s burden, berserker’s eye and bloody reach but they do work for minions while blood soaked jade doesn’t.