The automatic silencing and reporting is now out of control

Players are now intentionally reporting others and getting them banned/silenced for 14 days.

This needs to be addressed ASAP and we are seeing people manipulating the system and try to intimidate other players by reporting them.

This tactic has been used on my server as well to manipulate the RoE system in order to ensure certain people cant participate leading to guaranteed losses or wins depending on how you look at it.

Ok this has gone too far and nobody does anything about it. Few minutes ago I was in the battlegrounds and was in the same team with playerXYZ(randomly generated name), I asked him what happened to his nickname and he told me the same old story. He has no idea why he was reported, he was not participating in battlegrounds before and not ever using the chat function. More than 2 months now he runs around with the random nickname. I told him to open ticket and to post here but he did not have a clue. The logs are available. Are they ever going to fix this and refund the players?

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