The 30 year Celebration Collections in the Shop

Just a suggestion about how the SC2/SCR 30 year goodies are described in the shop. I’m referring to this page:

The SC2/SCR description reads:

Set of 30th Anniversary Portraits – StarCraft II and StarCraft: Remastered

That makes it sound like there are only two portraits: one for SC2 and one for SCR. I’ve already seen one person on the forums interpret it that way. Perhaps better wording to indicate that there is a set of portraits for SC2 and a set of portraits for SCR.

You literally have to buy the 30 year portrait? lol just shows how far Blizzard has fallen under activision $$ bills yall no wonder everyone left

How about giving to us that collection for free, Blizzard?

Its your celebration, not ours…

Just incredible how far you gone, after 30 years

These bundles are great don’t get me wrong for some it works best for them. But those who are limited and don’t have all items that are with these bundles the purchase is a waste of my money. Considering at this time not everyone is willing to waste money. I’m not going waste 60$ on one or two items in these bundles. Wish they are more flexible and more understandable on making better deal for some of us.

They definitely should have bundled these by game. Then, if someone chose multiple games, it could discount from there.

As for the current pricing:
$60 is significantly more expensive than all of their games, even all three parts of SC2 is less expensive.
$40 is only $10 less than a virtual Blizzcon ticket, which had the whole of Blizzcon included in the price.
$20 is close to the prices of most of their games.

With those prices, especially for all those who don’t play all the games, or play just one, these bundles are terribly thought out.