Thankyou Blizzard!

Recently started playing D2 again after years of not playing. Lost my original CDs so bought a new copy. Can’t believe this game is actually still running online services after 20 years.

Thank you Blizzard classic team for keeping this going!


I wouldn’t celebrate too early, I don’t think we’re quite out of the woods yet with the queue issues creating games on

The queues so far are low after the reset that happened yesterday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they start skyrocketing again. Having to wait up to an hour just to create a game? No thanks.


The game is 20 years old and I am paying no monthly fee to access the online servers. I’m just glad it works at all!


Oh yeah, I’m thankful as well that the game has been running for as long as it has. Any other game company would have long ago disbanded Diablo 2. Many many hours of fun playing Diablo 2 here, hopefully many more!


Obviously a Blizzard shill… timing is too perfect.

Go tell blizzard to fix their servers more than once in a blue moon

Give it time battle net will be dead soon just like Diablo one

bc it takes so much server power and blizzard is so poor -.-

Why cant they let all wow subscribers play the classic games for free?

That would be fair. Make a Gaming Sub for 14,99 a month and you get to play all the Blizzard games

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That’s one of my favorite things about Classic Blizzard games. They all still work. I can STILL go on and play Diablo I, Diablo II, and Warcraft II


How much could it cost to host a server. They also still sell D2 on their website. Would definitely be interested to see the balance sheet and would be surprised if they don’t make a profit every year.

Definitely but they don’t lift a finger unless they smell exponential growth to please the stockholders and the executive suits

I’d be amazed if it cost them less than $100k per year to keep D2 up including the cost of the people required (customer support, tech support to keep the servers running, etc).

There are people running free to play illegal D2 servers from their own home. How much do you think it costs them to do this?

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If peeps are using their main computers to connect to an illegal server, they are basically giving permission to the server operators or to those who may exploit a server operator who may not know any better to hack into their computers. Any banking, online purchases, emails, etc… then become a part of what they sell on the dark web.

The risk is far too high to use your main computer which may also be used by family members. If you do play on an illegal server, buy a used computer set up from a garage sale or a friend may have one or two in their basement. And, only use that for doing things like connecting to an illegal server.

You can do as you wish. I would never stop you. Yet, it only takes a small amount of your time to do what you want to do while keeping your online activities and your family’s data safe.

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Just for clarity, to whom I asked the question.

The computer on which they run it requires a room, which means that the rental for that room needs to be covered, the cost of their hardware and the cost of their internet. They are fulfilling the role of support technician, forum administrator, account administration, legal compliance department, and a host of other roles that a corporation would need. OK, they do it all for free for love of the game, but realistically Blizzard need to pay people for going to work. My $100k was estimated as the game requiring at least half of 4 people’s time to keep it running.

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I second this. Thanks you Blizz!

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I disagree. There is still a giant user base

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