Thanks Blizzard for the 20th anniversary celebration of diablo 2

That’s what we and this game deserve after 20 years, a diablo 3 look item, a funny video on youtube, 20 years of an active and passionate community that means nothing to you. We advance through the black corridors of deception again.


Yay a Diablo 2 item for Diablo 3, just what I always wanted to boost my enthusiasm for Diablo 2… :roll_eyes:


Hey at least D2 got unplayable servers! :grimacing:


Blizzard is a joke i switched to PoE, only d2 ill play is PoD atleast the 5man group of devs actually care about the game. I bet PoD gets way more love than this crap company gives its own game.

Poe and pod are 100% pure ripoffs of diablo to cradle to you lazy crybaby fake gamers

Perhaps if Blizzard had better supported Diablo 2, more people wouldn’t have gotten disgusted with Diablo 2 and flocked to PoE and PoD.

Stop being such a negative Nancy.


theres a limited edition diablo 2 anniversary bust in the blizzard gear store

That is neat looking… I don’t know about $140 neat, but still neat. :stuck_out_tongue:

To bad I can’t just play the game on it’s anniversary though. They can keep the bust. Fix the servers.

Don’t forget the 10inch mini statue for only 140$ what a deal! hahahaha what a spit in the face.


I don’t see anything on the D2 page, on the D3 page they did post an update with some Blizz employee’s stories about D2’s impact on their lives. I appreciated the write up.

Also, I’m glad D3 just go wings. I would have been a bit upset if they got some sick event while D2 got nothing. I also don’t think adding content to D2 would be the way to go. The only thing I’d like to see changed with D2 is the Uber Diablo spawn mechanic to something more feasible for non item store players.


BLIZZARD people are $|-|!t. Remember, dont be surprised when the time comes why this is happening to you


Well I posted on the D3 forums for people to show their support for a D2 remaster by wearing the Baal wings. So far the majority of them are saying no, one response being “Those wings are ugly. You won’t catch me dead with those things on.” :rofl:

Ahh well.