Thank you Blizzard!

I’ll keep this short. I have been a loyal Diablo player since D2. I was excited about playing Diablo Immortal on my mobile device. I have logged in everyday since it went live.

However that changed, after spending $2k and receiving only one 4/5 gem (Zwenson’s Haunting). I decided a month ago to stop wasting my hard earned money on this corrupt game. Moreover, I have been overcharged numerous times in the last few months totaling over $50. I filed a complaint with you regarding being overcharged and you told me to take it up with Apple. Apple told me to go back to you.

I have not purchased anything for a month now except the boon and battle pass. Today though, I had a moment of weakness. I purchased ten crests from the shop. What do you think happened? First, I was overcharged $5. Secondly, I only received one two star gem.

Thank you. If I had received another worthless 2/5 gem I may have continued to spend more in the future. I’m done now. I won’t be purchasing the boon or battle pass anymore. Good luck with your poor business practices.

Sincerely, an ex-loyal customer….

I agree. Enjoy the new company you find to support!
I’m sad to hear you spent $2K.
I only spent $10 before seeing the new money hungry Blizzard.
Take care and spend less next time.
They only know dollars, not customer satisfaction.