Thank you Blizzard

Hello. My name is Alexander, and I play Overwatch at the amateur level. I spent a lot of time playing, but last year everything disappeared. I was drafted into the army for 1 year without my consent, violating the laws. It was hard for me, but I was always happy when I could find out new news about the game or chat with my friends from the game. Now I am free, I am determined to continue playing and competing. Of course, I missed a lot during the year (tournaments, items that were limited in time, communication in the game ), but I am sure that I will be able to return. Now when I play, I always write in the chat that I apologize for my game, because I haven’t played for a year. Thank you for always having a place to go back to. P.S. Sorry in advance for the errors in the text, it was translated through a translator )


Good day, Alexander. There is a dedicated forum for your game Overwatch. This forum is usually for older classic games like Diablo 2.

You might check it out and hook up with other players there…good luck to you…