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I am trying to create public web application with data provided by Blizzard API. My plan was to use google adsense in order to gather enough money for hosting. After reading these two paragraphs, I am not sure that it is possible, but on the other hand, I’ve seen lots of web applications doing exactly what I just explained. I even found applications that are charging for premium version of application. Can someone verify this?

In Terms of Use I found these paragraphs:

Applications May Not Charge Premiums To Use The APIs . “Premium” versions of Applications offering additional for-pay features are not permitted, nor can players be charged money to download an Application, charged for services related to the Application, or otherwise be required to offer some form of monetary compensation to download or access an Application when those features use the Blizzard Developer APIs. Likewise, Applications may not include interstitials soliciting donations before features or functionality becomes available to the player. Also, players may not be required to watch a video advertisement before accessing a feature or function of the application.

You May Not Use The Blizzard Developer APIs Or Data For Marketing Or Monetization Purposes . You may not use the Blizzard Developer APIs or Data to market or promote Your or a third party’s products or services. You may not display, distribute, or otherwise disclose the Data in any advertising or promotion or use the Data to target any advertising or promotion. You may not sell, license or otherwise transfer any Data (including anonymous, aggregate or derived data) to any ad network, data broker or other advertising or monetization-related service.

While this is subject to interpretation this says you can’t monetize or sell API data. This doesn’t mean your application won’t have premium features or other content of your own.

If you take warcraftlogs for instance we can use it for free to access any data, but they offer much more complex tools than what the API have. They aren’t just selling the same thing the API.

For a definitive answer you might wanna try to reach out to blizzard legal: legal@blizzard.com. I’m not sure this is the only channel but it was advised in a blue post over the world of warcraft forums.


“Applications May Not Charge Premiums To Use The APIs” basically means Blizzard is providing their API data for free for the benefit of their players, so they don’t want you building apps that require their players to pay you money for stuff you do with what Blizzard gives you for free. In other words, all site features which require the API must be freely available to users without requiring payment or suffering through donation request interstitials. Ads nearby are still okay.

“You May Not Use The Blizzard Developer APIs Or Data For Marketing Or Monetization Purposes” basically means you can’t use API data when you’re creating ads for your services. For example, maybe you have an app that supports guilds on one realm. You’re not allowed to use the API to determine which guilds are on that realm and target them with direct ads. You’re not allowed to say “X out of Y guilds on $Realm use $Product” when you use the API to figure out that there are Y guilds on that realm.

TL;DR: AdSense is okay. Putting features which use the API behind a paywall is not okay. Making your own ads from API data or giving API data to an ad network directly is not okay.

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