Temporary restriction and need help


per Game Master I’m temporarily restricted and it doesn’t say for how long. I just downloaded D2 on my laptop again and (one download) it started saying during download that I was being banned from too many attempts. Then it finished downloading and I installed and it won’t allow me to access US West server. It says Disconnected. Please reconnect.
I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled, rebooted & Game Master told me to reach out here for help.


I’m not sure if this applies to you or not, but we are not permitted to join Bnet via a VPN, web host, proxie, nor business ISP. Blizzard only supports low latency residential ISPs.


Well I have a home office that there is a VPN tunnel to my work office (required by work), but that shouldn’t affect the internet as it’s only when I am accessing the work network, not basic internet. It is standard internet, not a business ISP unless you count Comcast as a business ISP? I have also tried just connecting from my hotspot and that doesn’t work either and from 2 different systems…so does that apply to hotspots?


It sounds like you will need to submit a support ticket to get the exact details. It also sounds as though you are restricted and they can last up to two weeks.


I’ve opened 2 support tickets and the Game Masters both said that they can’t see how long the restriction is for, they don’t know if it will continue to happen, they said to reach out here in the hopes that developers will be able to help because there’s nothing that they can do at all. Not even with further information they say…


I just read a blue post in the Support Forum saying that. Which is odd because last year they provided that information, even in the Support Forum.


Yeah I’m really bummed b/c they’ve been on and off banning me with no explanation and no details other than temp ban activity, except all I did was log on and go into a game and I was in the same game for an hour and I was only chatting in game with my friend…
So I’m very confused since no details are being shared and all they can share is keep posting in here asking for help (I feel as if I’m being super vague, but I can’t seem to help it since they can’t give me more concrete info).

sigh hopefully I won’t lose my characters and all that…