Temporarily Disabled Account?

I thought Blizzard problems of randomly suspending accounts was taken care of?

I was playing on PC for the past 4 days and loaded it up on my phone while trapped at a doctors office for 3 hours for a broken leg appointment. Got about 5 minutes into the game before I got the message suspending me. No PVP, no PVE Dungeon, no AFK grinding, I just tried to continue MSQ since the Westmarch wasn’t downloaded yet. Less than 5 minutes of playtime in.

Is it common for PC players to get suspended if they switch to phone? I created a ticket but I’ve heard horror stories of how long those take to resolve if they ever do resolve.

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Same exact issue here, I played on pc while at home, was not home for a few days, downloaded and played on my phone got the pass and did some bounties and logged off, next time I tried to log on to rum some stuff with my warband and boom I was banned, so I took the suggestion and did the ban appeal which was immediately closed and they said it had an error and I needed to contact a game master, so I did qnother ticket which was immediately deleted qnd yet another one which is still open so we shall see how long this stuff takes.

Same thing happened to me last night. Was playing at work but hadfrequent disconnects. Got home and was temp suspended. No email explanation. Tried making ticket but was auto resolved… To think i spent 15.00 on this game

Waiting on response 16 hours now

I have been waiting over 28 hours now and they canceled my first ticket unsure how or what I did against the rules but apparently cant have a phone and a pc that is what apparently is against the rules and a bannable offence or purchasing the empowered pass is also bannable, maybe blizz is mad that I have not paid for my wow account in over a year lol

I got a response, the game master said my account is permanently closed (message in game still says temporarily) for breaching article 42673 and cannot “provide in depth details about the closure aside from what has already been emailed” (i never got an email). My support ticket states i didnt get an email. I know mods semi monitor these posts and if one reads this i am very, VERY dissappointed in the way none of my issues have been handled. clearly not read and just copy/pasted response.


Just in case you’re wondering… here’s article 42673:


You did check the trash and spam folders, right ?

Not sure if you’re aware, but there is an appeal process… here:
(click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page).

The main effect of an appeal is to have another game master look at the data and/or logs that they have and decide whether or not the account penalty is justified. Unless things are different with DI, you won’t get to argue your case… but you may be able to ask (again !) for a copy of the e-mail.

Best of luck with this.

I did check every single folder in my email i did submitt an appeal. First gm response tldr was : copy/paste rules, you were perma banned, dont contact us again about this. At all.
So i appealed it again. Copy/pasted prior gms response to clarify perma banned or temp suspended like msg in game. This new gm said its permanent. The in game message is incorrect. Also the ban came from higher up than the gms. Rest assured it was thoroughly investigated. However a second review can be done which takes 1-2 weeks.

So to sum it up. Random bans happen. I saw a twitch streamer get banned. No reason given. But was reinstated in 10 mins, probably cause everyone on his stream saw it and that would be another gripe against blizz. Some gms are complete jerks. The first one i got either needs a vacation or moved to a non customer facing position. Apparently someone higher up than gms can ban. Maybe diablo himself. Reminds me of that mint mobile commercial.