Temp IP ban help?


I know there are many posts on this topic. I tried to login to battle.net from the guest network of a business, which I suspect led to a temporary ban. From what I have read, this should have been a 2 week ban. This happened on the 29th of September, but I still cannot login. Anyone know what might be going on, or can anyone from the support team tell me when this ban should expire?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

This is more of a technical support issue. You should change this posts forum location to the Classic Games Tech Support forum in order to have a better chance of catching the eye of a Blizzard rep. They will be the ones that can tell you what is going on and what kind of time frame you’re looking at.

How to:
Click the pencil :pencil2: icon below your post.
Click Diablo II General Discussion ˅, scroll up one and select “Classic Games Tech Support”.
Save the changes to your post.

Thanks! Got it changed.

Hey, JBRO. It looks like it was pretty close in terms of the timeframe, the restriction was lifted on the morning of the 15th. The timeframe will be exact so if you’re not sure when it was triggered waiting a few hours or a day should clear it up.

In this situation, the restriction should be cleared now. Just make sure nothing else is enabled or existing on the system that could cause a temporary restriction and you should be back in game.