Temp bans for transferring items between characters

Dear Devs,
I have some feedback about the settings in place to ban people for entering/exiting games, presumably too quickly. Today I took the trouble to perm a game by staying for 5 minutes. Then to avoid losing the game and items I dropped in it, I exited and entered with my second character quickly… as players are forced to do so that we can transfer items between characters.
After doing this 3-4 times, I was kicked out from the game and from the server. The game itself was presumably deleted, along with a mid-level rune I had dropped to transfer.
Isn’t this a bit much? Unlike Diablo3, where there is a shared stash, we are forced to waste time doing this workaround for diablo2. Isn’t it fair to expect that Blizzard extend a bit of latitude/leniency for item transfers?
Please stop punishing genuine players with temp bans!!!

Games are permed within seconds of creation now. You can test this by leaving and rejoining before dropping anything. As a rule of thumb, wait about 5-10 seconds on each screen to avoid realm down. Your game will not be deleted in this time frame.


This, for the past 4 years.

This has already been true for a while (read: years). Temp perms last 5 minutes after creation and will poof if empty. Extended perms begin that 5 minute countdown when the game becomes empty.

You need to remain in game for 30 seconds before switching characters to avoid a temp ban. I suggest buying a second cd key and using Sandboxie to run a second instance and do direct trade transfers. There are times when the server sometimes zaps a game for no apparent reason, perm’d or not.

Sandboxie is NOT a violation of ToS/EULA. It also does not alter the game files like a hack, so it’s safe vs. Warden. Blizz reps have discussed Sandboxie on these forums, and it’s fine. Google it.

Buying another key requires setting up another battle net account. This is mentioned somewhere on these forums. It is also officially approved by Blizz reps. Google it.

The best way to setup another battle net account is to go into your e-mail account and add an e-mail alias. That way you have an additional unique and valid email address to use to create another battle net account without having to create a new email account as well. If you need help creating an alias is your current e-mail provider, search their help files. e-mail aliases are generally freely and widely available these days especially if you’re using any free service like gmail, yahoo, outlook, et al.

To add another installation of D2 to your computer, simply rename the currently installed Diablo II folder in your Program Files folder to something like “Diablo II copied”. Then install your newly purchased key as normal. Create shortcuts for Diablo II.exe on your desktop for both installations. Edit the properties and add the -w switch after whatever is already in the textbox labelled Target. This -w parameter needs to be placed AFTER the closing quotations. Be sure to include a space to separate the " from -w. Example: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II copied\Diablo II.exe” -w is what should be in the Target field.

Besides item transfers, this also helps to rush ones self which I find useful in this bot-infested modern day where human players seem scarce during the hours when I like to play. I still find humans along the way, but when I’m ready for a rush, I want it NOW, darn it! :wink:

For years, gamers have been self-rushing themselves. This has led to the downfall of modern civilization and to blurry vision. I highly recommend being rushed by a friend where the human elements of being human are encouraged.

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