Temp bans are ridiculous

Blizz can you stop pretending you are doing something about botting (or whatever reason) and remove this temp ban stuff. You do nothing to help d2 QoL, but why ban people who are playing around muling, etc? Do you really care so little about your customers?

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The number of robots in the game seems absurd to me, I have been reporting the same player for 3 days for using bots in the game and nothing happens yet, actually the blizzard staff seems to care, for me it is unacceptable.

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hey @ Blizzard Tech Support - are you going to address this or just ignore it?? 2 week ban for using hotel wifi while traveling for work?

We all know why you have no telephone number for customer support… because your support is non-existent.

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And again, Soothsayer, Neither TS or CS is going to do anything because the system, albeit not perfect (for reasons already explained to you), is working exactly as intended. So no telephone number or any other contact method would change you or anyone else’s temporary restriction.

They do have a response.

Customer Support cannot remove temporary restrictions for any reason or help with acquiring a new IP address.\

Blizzard has never dealt with appeals via phone. What you want is to argue with CS about a programed “feature” of old D2 Bnet. CS can’t change that programming or change the restriction applied by that program. That is not something they have the tools to do. Same with Tech Support.

They can only confirm it is working the way the Hacks team and Dev team intends it to work.

Blizzard has never dealt with appeals via phone. And why is that? Why isnt there at least live chat?and dont tell me cause of covid etc…YOU JUST KNOW YOUR SYSTEM IS TRASH AND U DONT BOTHER…Getting silenced cause little bob or karen got offended and reported me for whatever tf reason Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people. yeah right…

It’s because appeals aren’t for pleading a case. It’s only to ask Support to reexamine the data their internal systems collected to look for any possible errors anywhere in the process.

As such, giving people a live contact would inevitably be used to plea, argue, complain, berate, etc. All of which would consume the time that Support could be using to help others.

No, it’s not because of covid, as “Blizzard has never dealt with appeals via phone” pretty clearly states.