Temp bans all day

So last night West realm went down for maintenance. As soon as it went up I started playing, and I Keep getting temp bans! I don’t bot, don’t hack, nothing like that. I don’t get why I’m getting banned when I am just trying to play a game I PAID FOR! Explain please Battlenet.

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me too and worst part is i just got two of my friends to repurchase the game to play with me 2 days ago and we couldnt play the majority of the day right after they downloaded it lol…then the next day he cant do 2 chaos runs trying to level without getting temp banned.

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This has happened to me five times today, i am in game for more then 10mins each, after my second game, i get temp banned for 15mins…
Whats up blizz?

Try posting in Classic Games Tech Support. You will actually have a chance to receive official support there.

The reason why this is going on is because of the security scan detecting traces of software you guys use or past use. This will trigger the ban hammer and depending on the situation it varies. Remember don’t download anything you’re not sure of. Another reason is malice software if pick up the ban hammer will come.

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Finally blizzard are takeing actions against hackers! Thanku blizzard!

You kids don’t get it. you bought a “ Single player“ game with the option of going online you kids play way too many online only games d2 is not 1 of thos crap Online only games thank god it has offline SP I suggest you go play that Bc b net is a cesspool of jsp/botting cheaters Anyways

Finally blizzard are takeing actions against hackers! Thanku blizzard!

@Olivie & @Wise , It’s unclear if you’re trolling or just wrong. For the uninformed please understand that what these users are posting is false information.

Temporary Restrictions are issued to accounts based on how rapidly they are joining / creating games and/or logging in and changing characters. So if you just downloaded the game after 10 years and are manually doing trist runs or baal runs with any competency you are highly likely to have your connection temporarily restricted for a stacking penalty amount of time ranging between 5 minutes and two weeks.

This has zero to do with any sort of detection/association with “hacks” or “security scan”. In the event that hacks or third party software was detected on your account, then you will be halted on an attempted log-in with the message “Your account has been closed. (8)”. This would happen immediately prior to the screen with a “temporary restriction” message.

Common misconception that above trolls are attempting to spread is that temporary restrictions are a counter-measure to cheating, but in fact the inverse is correct. Bots are programmed with timers to always avoid a temporary restriction, while an unwitting legit user has no prior warning of such an invisible and damaging mechanic.


West realm getting instant realm downs or temp bans after baal games. lasting anywhere between 5-10 mins. Why is this? Its been since your maintenance.

No reply from Blues. Looking for a resolution to this problem. Cannot enjoy baaling or cow killing of the Moo Moos.

It is true a lot of normal players are having a crappy time