Tech support impossible to receive help from!

Sorry if this is in the wrong category! I’m new here…

For 4 years now I have been trying to get help for a stuck account issue on Call of Dury: Advanced Warfare on XBOX One, and for 4 years now, I have been ignored/shunned and no help has been offered. I even reported them through the Better Business Bureau in order to finally get their attention, which I did, and they did finally make an attempt to fix the account, which failed. I responded back to tell them it still wasn’t working, and they never followed up and never got back to me again on it since. I have called out the CEO on Twitter for his complete BS and for having the company with the worst tech support ever. 4 years… and all I was asking for was a fix, and if that wasn’t possible, I would have settled for even an account wipe. But nothing. Barely even an acknowledgement from them that I have an issue. I have sent gameclips clearly showing my issue as well as screenshots and detailed descriptions as well as all the steps I have taken to try rectifying it myself. The issue is purely on their end with their servers. I have spent hours in total, typing and calling, waiting in tech queue lines, etc. trying to get help for the issue and they just don’t care. It’s an older game… and they just couldn’t care less. They only care about their top selling games. I have accumulated over 68 advanced supply drops that have stacked up since my issue first began as well as countless normal supply drops, none of which will open as my inventory is stuck. Extra armory slots as well as weapon skins have also failed to work even though I purchased them. I love this game so much more than the newer cr*p and it is so frustrating, not being able to unlock new stuff. I desperately just want to be able to open my stuff and unlock new stuff already.

In my past experience with any support team is to make sure to get names of the people who are trying to resolve your issue. And when speaking to a new representative, mention that “So and so” tried to resolve your issue etc. Sometimes it seems to make them try harder so that their name is not also mentioned in the future with other representatives. My 2 cents. Sorry about your issue bud.