TBCC API Patch Notes - 2021-08-31

Greetings, fellow devs!

We are excited to announce that we have released an update to the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs that includes several new and updated endpoints. These changes only affect APIs for The Burning Crusade Classic (namespaces following the pattern “dynamic-classic-xx”).

One noticeable change is the introduction of PVP regions which shouldn’t be mistaken for game regions (US, EU, KR, TW, CN). PvP regions will segment specific areas within a game region for PvP activity including leaderboards and rewards.

What used to be this:

Is now:

To explore these and other endpoints further, check out our official API Reference documentation on the Developer Portal.

Happy coding, everyone!


Why isn’t my PvP Region ID working?
PvP Region IDs differ between game regions. A certain ID may exist in US but not EU.
You can check the pvp region index for a list of valid pvp region IDs.
Alternatively, connected-realm also includes links to its valid pvp regions.


im trying to get season index (/data/wow/pvp-region/{pvpRegionId}/pvp-season/index) with the pvpRegionId previously obtained from /data/wow/pvp-region/index and returns 404 not found, some fix pls?

Hi sensitag!

Would you mind providing a bit more context so we can try and replicate the issue on our side?
Include the full URL you’re trying to hit, so we can spot the game region and any IDs you’re trying to use.


What is a pvp-region? Will realms be broken down into certain “regions”? So that there are two reward sets for each Region? Will people be queuing cross region? This all seems very odd…

Can it not be named something different? “game-region” is awfully similar to “pvp-region”

Will the season always start at the same time? e.g. EU and US seasons start on the same day (roughly). Will these “pvpRegions” be similar? Or can they potentially be running season 5 (For region 1) and season 10 (For region 2) in parallel?

/data/wow/pvp-region/index is also missing an additional key for “id”. Meaning we have to scrape the value out of the url?

Other endpoints include the href + id, e.g. pvp-season, but you are missing it here.

(This is all very strange! )

I get the id of region in /data/wow/pvp-region/index and returns 41 for usa, later i call /data/wow/pvp-region/41/pvp-season/index and return 404 not found.

Do you have a typo here?
"pvp_regions": [ { "href": "https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/pvp-region/1/pvp-season/?namespace=dynamic-classic-us" }, { "href": "https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/pvp-region/2/pvp-season/?namespace=dynamic-classic-us" } ] for me (i.e. Not 41)
When then gives me a 200 when doing https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/pvp-region/1/pvp-season/index?namespace=dynamic-classic-us&locale=en_US

Retail leaderboard endpoints have been 404ing on me since Aug 31st.

Edit - working now.

How can players know their region? How do you name these regions? Displaying on a website, you can’t put "Cutoff PvP Region 1, Cutoff PvP Region 2, it doesn’t make sense…

Please update the API for season 2. It’s currently giving 404’s when specifying season id 2. A bug report has been submitted here: TBC Season 2 Ladder 404
Currently unable to retrieve cutoffs, rewards, leaderboard for season 2 which makes any external pvp leaderboard site unable to update.

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Sorry for double post, but tagging you so you get a notification. Please see my other post, all tbcc PvP API endpoints give 404 when specifying season id 2, even though the new season has started on both EU and US.