TBC Classic Game Data / Profile APIs

Has there been any conversations around when we will be getting a TBC Classic version of the blizzard game data & profile APIs?

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No updates on that so far.


Waiting for your good news :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to be clear, MVPs are not related to Blizzard and have no part in the development process. Only blues can actually give any good news about this.
All I can do is relay information and point people to the right channel IF there is something.

Usually we don’t receive any heads up about upcoming API changes, so if there will be anything available for TBC we will only know once it is released.

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Bumping this up. Any news on this? TBC release coming up fast.

The “Classic” api’s have been updated for TBC

Tried targeting the Auction house API using dynamic-classic-us namespace but doesn’t appear to be live yet?

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No auction house solution yet for TBC?

TBCC character / guild profiles would be extremely useful for guild management - Blilzzard Statement?

wondering how sahne-team is collecting the characternames. (sahne-team/.de)

you need to enter your name server and class, if your character doesn’t exist it will be created :joy:

i created this addon curseforge(dot)com/wow/addons/raidtool-export for my own sync client, you can parse the exported data from characters savedvariables.