TBC Classic dead servers

Some PVE servers in TBC classic are extremely dead. Old Blanchy for example is a ghost town and you can rarely even find a group for certain dungeons/raids. Everyone is transferring off and its making the game dead. Please think about either merging servers or offering free transfers from more servers please!

I agree with all of this. I even submitted a ticket (that was answered) about this issue. I was off for a year and when I came back my server was such a ghost town. I was even the only person in Trade Chat!

I have done a lot of brainstorming about this, especially since it was just easier to create a new character and move on. A few things I think would be extremely helpful:

  • Before considering a new realm, I think there should be a way of seeing the Horde/Alliance ratio along with High>Low. I made a new character on a realm and found that the ratio is ridiculously uneven.
  • If there is a way Blizz could suggest a realm by faction before allowing us to create a new character. That might help even the playing field, especially on PvP realms.
  • For some of us who play seasonally, we don’t always know what the realm trend is. If there was even an easier way of some sort to know what has happened since our last log in, like transfers, faction changes, new characters made, or how many hit max level. That would greatly help us decide what we should do before investing too much time in a character just to play all alone.

I agree with the person who started the thread. Even merging servers would help some of us who don’t play all the time. It does get frustrating to play a game that changes so rapidly like this without any warning, especially if the only updates you get are when you play every day like some of the ‘die hard’ gamers.