Switching servers/regions and checking server paragon levels

Hi Blizzard,

I thinking about switch servers but before doing so I wanted to to see what is the sever paragon level of the servers I was interested in moving to, however I noticed that it is not possible to do so which then limits my decision on whether or not I should switch,
Can you please let me know if this is possible somehow? if not, would it be possible to implement something like this in the future?

Additionally, would it be possible to allow users to switch servers between different regions? I, for example started the game with my main character (which i have spent money on) in an EU server because of my friends who live closer to EU since I moved to the US, but my friends no longer play the game so I’m stuck with an EU server and the event times of the server when I’m in the US which makes it hard to stay in warbands, clans to groups up for events, etc.
It would be very appreciated if you could allows users to switch servers between the regions and not just within the region, or at least consider making an exception for myself due to the circumstances.

Thank you and kind regards,

Every single server in the US and EU regions were brought online on the same day. As servers gain 2 paragon levels every day, every single EU and US server has the same paragon level.

The Asia region servers are different, as they were brought online later than the EU and US servers but that’s irrelevant as you cannot transfer heroes from one region to another.