Switch off Russia from Blizzard services!

It has been almost a week since Russia brutally attacked Ukraine at night. The aggressor has already killed more than 2000 civilians. Ukrainian people are dying, suffering, hiding in shelters and leaving their homes.

Numerous international companies are already limiting their services and leaving the Russian market. Apple, Google, Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, General Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Renault, Harley-Davidson, Ford Motor and many others.

Video game industry must be among them!

I know that it may sound ridiculous – how can a ban on videogame services stop the war? But it is one of the means to bring Russian people to reality – to show them that they are aggressors and the whole civilized will not tolerate crimes committed by their government!


Keep your cancel culture out of video games. People like you are the same ones who put the Japanese or Jews in internment camps in WWII. Holding a whole race of people accountable for the actions of their leaders.

Better idea: Keep the woke bs out of video games. They are something that brings us together but people like you bring outside drama into them.


Russian citizens are protesting in the streets against Putins illegal war and could be imprisoned for it. They know what is happening

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70% support of warcrimes. Yeah, they aint all bad, just most of them.


I read somewhere (so don’t quote me on this) that the vast majority of Russians support both Putin and his senseless war. The protesters we see are but just a small minority. But we all know Blizzard doesn’t care. They stopped sales in Russia but then did a 50% sale to make up for the lost revenue. They only care about money. For what other reason would all of their games be on life-support, hanging on by the threads of cash shop purchases and WoW subscriptions from players who are addicted to the nostalgia?

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