Switch from mobile auth to bnet app?

Ive been using the mobile authenticator for a couple of years now. Perfectly happy with the simple tool. Two days ago there was an announcement on wowhead about the bnet app receiving an update to include the authenticator and we can uninstall the authenticator standalone app.

Unfortunately the blue post is whoknowswhere for me to ask directly so I ask here.

I dont use the mobile bnet app nor do I want to use it. Can I continue to use the standalone authenticator?


There is a gotcha in migrating from the old mobile authenticator app (OMA) to the new battlenet authenticator app (NBA), but it will have to be done eventually:
β€œAll users must migrate their Battle.net Authenticator to the Battle.net Mobile App by January 5, 2024, as the old Authenticator App will be retired at this time.”
see: Battle.net Authenticator Migration Article ID: 347144
However, the instruction for migration leaves out a critical step. Here is a reference to the instruction:
see: Battle.net Authenticator Article ID: 24520
The gotcha is that if you have OMA attached, you have to use it to log in to NBA, which requires dismissing the warnings to get to OMA and authenticate your login to NBA. The step missing is that before attaching NBA as your authenticator, you have to detach OMA after you have used OMA to login to NBA (see the second reference and scroll down to find the instruction to detach). Once OMA is detached, you will log in to BMA without an authenticator, and you should get prompts to attach NBA as your authenticator just like in the instruction at the second article. I have sent feedback that the instruction is missing this point. I hope this helps!