Sven's Glide wrapper

Hello everyone,

Please can someone tell me with certainty is “Sven’s Glide wrapper” allowed on battlenet?

I looked it up but have got contradictory results - some saying yes, others saying no.

I have raised a support ticket to ask but no response so far.

Thanks so much for reading :slight_smile:

100% allowed and confirmed in the old forums by a Blizz staff.


Ok Dokie - thank you.

Do you have the URL to this?

Get Sven’s Glide Wrapper here:

Setup guide I posted a while back:

If you need help setting it up I made a video a while back here:

Eh, not to spam lol, but is there any way to get an official confirmation on this? I don’t want to get flagged for using banned programs and stuff. Hate it every time my mouse runs out of the screen lol. Wow, I know this game is really old, but I thought I’d just suggest that the admins could spend more than a few minutes a day dealing with game issues or something… O.o

A Blizzard rep will probably not chime in here about Sven’s. If Blizzard hadn’t taken down the old forums, I could link you to an old post where a Blizzard rep did mention that it was OK, but they can’t offer any support for it…

I’ve been using Sven’s for many years without any problem. There are many others who would vouch for Sven’s as well.

I use borderless gaming.

Does the same thing, works for every game not just d2