Suspitious activity lock problem

Hey there, just a little bit of feedback from a recent experience.

I logged on to my account from my laptop at my grandmothers house and my account was locked for suspicious activity - This is fine and dandy, appreciate the looking out.

The problem is this, when it said the account was locked it said i would receive an email with information on how to unlock the account. This wasn’t entirely true. I got an email saying there was a login attempt and if it wasn’t me i should change my password, but there was ZERO information or even mention on where to go from there if it WAS me trying to log in. No mention of it at all.

I stumbled upon the answer on accident when I eventually decided to log into the website to submit a ticket - only then did it email me asking me to input the code into my browser log in. There should really be SOME mention of this in the suspicious login email as I really had no idea and spent 10 mins not knowing what the heck to do to get it unlocked.