Suspended from diablo immortal

On july 20th I played the game up until 5 mins before it closing for maintenance/update , when i tried to return to game at 7 am I was given a prompt telling me I was suspened for a violation to the game. Naturally I was confused and upset and submitted an appeal ticket to find out exactly what happened. I was told it a as due to a violation of the end user agreement and the suspension would be upheld . I submitted another ticket asking for the exact reason and when would i be allowed back on my game. I was then told nothing more than it was a permanent suspension and the matter would not be addressed any further . On the game login it still says temporarily suspended when i try to login , so I am still left with no answers. I am a disabled stay at home mother and I feel I was treated this way because the hrs on the game playing/grinding were looked at like I was cheating somehow . I feel like i have been treated unfairly and unjustly in this matter and I deserve my game back ! This is the first game of this kind I have played and I was really enjoying the game , I wouldnt even begin to know how to cheat on this game and had to look up what afking and botting meant after I read it on another forum . Also my husband was on his account earlier and it showed I was online , although I can’t access my account , so who was on my account and how did they get into it ? I would really like for this to be resolved so it didnt go any further , but I may have to look into a lawyer for being treated this way for being disabled . Blizzard/battle you need to investigate this and see what went wrong and when your company see’s I did nothing wrong , I expect a full apology and my game back asap .

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I can’t speak for your situation but in my case; I played up until about 2 hours before the maintenance clock ended. The last thing I did was buy a trove of crests and then I went to bed.

The next day I tried to sign in on my iPad and got the “Your account has been temporarily suspended due to a policy violation.” I created an appeal immediately stating that I had no idea what was going on. I’ve been playing daily since launch and I’ve spent some money on the storefront. The only thing I can think of that might be considered a policy violation is that I logged in one day last week and left my character standing in the middle of town just south of Charsi for a while.

Today I received a response to my appeal stating that the reason for the penalty was explained in a penalty email. I searched through my Trash, Junk E-Mail and every other folder in my mailbox for the account associated with my battlenet id; the last email I got from blizzard was on 7/3 for the summer sale.

The reviewer also said that the penalty would be upheld:

Marrekwethir said,

“… After a thorough review of the action taken against this account, we have confirmed the action to be correct. The action will not be reversed or change, and future appeals will no longer receive additional review …”

The way that this is set up seems really outrageous. If I hurt someone’s feelings I really would like to know what I did so that I can apologize properly. I absolutely know that I wasn’t exploiting the game (is that even possible on iPad?) I play with just the screen controls at 30fps. Having not gotten any reason why the suspension was put in place, no information regarding how long the suspension is expected to last, and now no recourse to have the suspension reviewed by anyone I’m seriously wondering whether or not my 25 year love-affair with the Diablo franchise might finally be at an end.

If you play this game; and your account can be suspended without notice or explanation for any reason, why would you continue to play? The entire point is the progression of a character through events that unfold over a period of weeks and you’re essentially risking making all of that time pointless due to a seemingly random suspension.

I am not one of the people that stands around in Assembly not handing out blessings when I get them.

I am not one of the people that goes to high-frequency loot zones and parks my character to get auto-loot.

I was an active member of a clan that just placed well in the shadow war that, up until Tuesday, really enjoyed this game.

I reached out to @blizzardcs and @diabloimmortal on Twitter throughout all of this but haven’t gotten any kind of response.

Exasperated to say the least.


I recieved an email this morning from game master torqindou , stating he was sorry for any confusion but my account is permanently closed and he was sorry the system is giving the false “temporary” word when i try to access my account from the game login. Along with his condensing hope you’re having a good day and have a epic evening. I seriously think they have no idea what is going on with their system. This does not dispute the fact though that I still was not given a reason why the suspension was given and why I was permanently barred from the game. I will continue to stand by my integrity and state I did nothing to deserve this. I recieved no email stating my account would be suspended before it was , I can not even recieve answers as of today on why this happened. Im currently in the process of contacting microsoft to see is the issue can be addressed on that end. I will also continue to contact blizzard/ in any way I can till I recieve a satisfactory response into this issue. I only hope microsoft can save blizzard entertainment from their many flaws and mistakes in the future !

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No, they don’t send email warnings. The warning is the EULA and Code of Conduct we agreed to that outlines the rules and states we can be removed from the game service at any time for violating those rules.

See Section C for all the details on cheating, game alterations, etc - which is what I assume they feel you violated.

Here is the TL;DR version

ANY form of automation, software or hardware, is not allowed. Same goes for map hacks, texture changes, etc.

No, it can’t. Microsoft does not own Activision-Blizzard or the subsidiaries under it yet (Blizzard Entertainment, Activision Publishing, King Games). That deal, if approved, won’ go through until at least 2023.

The ONLY means you have to do that is an appeal ticket, which you have done. You will not get a reply on the forums.

Note: MVPS are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not speak for, or represent, Blizzard.