Suspend Accont with no reason

my accout Dee#12904 get suspend. idk why i got suspend, i just farm when i work and sudendly my shop get customer then i must relog then got notice my acc suspend.
then last i play my char in chalange rift 19.
and if i botting play like another issue, how hidden lair seeker can be bot ?

Seems like a lot of weird stuff related to suspensions is going on:

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I been shouting that to the roof tops , some glitch happened when the game went down and those who are truly innocent are of couse upset and demanding to know happened , i wont give up !

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I’m not sure if the reviewer actually looked at anything or not and because there is a lack of any information in the form of a penalty email the whole thing feels fraudulent.


Same here, wouldn’t even know how to cheat, not that techie. Just grind, grind, grind. Booted right after the update. I got canned response from GM and no reason given, nor email. I highly doubt they even actually check to make sure it was legit ban. The GMs dont care, or even if they are real people for that matter.

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Same problem. NOT a cheater, got banned anyway. No reason given other than “You violated ToS” No other information. Waiting on response to appeal. But I am reading through these forum post and seeing way too many people saying the same thing.

I had the same thing happened to me a few days ago and said the exact same thing I have done nothing wrong and they won’t over turn the suspension

Quick update for this topic on my situation:

same with mine with a permanent ban! i really wonder how the gms review this kind of stuff while i still see alot of afk players using bot in game devs has no action… too damn lazy to review innocent players… we need solid proof!!
i can even send a video of players using autoclickers just email me razer u lazy gm!

Similar thing happened with my account, grind for monstrous essence after a class change while watching a movie, woke up this morning and went to log in while getting ready for work and my account is “banned”
I do have macros on my mmo mouse I use for wow and possibly that could be the reason?

I am not getting my hopes up though as Blizzard customer service is pretty bad

Any automation of Blizzard games is not allowed. That includes movement, skill rotations, etc. If you have macros on your mouse for WoW, then those may also be an issue that can result in a Suspension or ban there too. If you can’t do something with the in-game macro maker for WoW, don’t do it with external software.

Pretty straightforward. Do the data log for the account and the cheating/automation detection software flags match up.

False positives can occur if the flagging catches something incorrectly, but that is what appeals are for. If Blizzard realizes their software flagged something incorrectly, then those accounts get the penalty reversed.