SUPPORTED way to determine if auth servers are online?

I’ve developed a discord bot for our guild and want to be able to have it post when our realm + auth servers are down, as well as when they come back up. Currently it looks like the connected-realm API shows our realm is up even though we can’t access it due to auth servers still being down.

To be clear, I don’t want to poke, prod, or otherwise interfere with the auth servers to determine if they’re up. I specifically want to report if BLIZZARD is saying it’s up. Similar to the supported api for realm status, I’m looking for a supported way to report on authentication being up. I feel as though this is mutually beneficial as our guild will not be constantly attempting login if they can depend on being notified by our bot + blizzard that maintenance is completed.

Is there a supported way to track this?

Unfortunately, no, currently the API does not provide a way to check auth services. I agree it would be a really nice feature to have.

Is there some other way, other than API, that I can check or test this without risking disruption to blizzard? I understand the need to obfuscate the authentication process to avoid ddossers, so I’m careful with how I’m wording this. Blizzard has a website with realm status that seems to do this, is there a way to more easily collect this status?

EDIT: For anyone else looking for this, I figured out how to do it using GraphQL instead of Blizzard API (