Support ticket claims a ban for VPN

I use a vpn because it’s 2020 and everyone who isn’t a fool uses one. Anyway apparently that’s a ban from diablo 2 battlenet with no warning and no hope of resolving it, I have tried to phone blizzard, the number hangs up on its own, I have tried to use live support, it’s greyed out, I have tried a ticket, and it merely responded with “you’re temporarily restricted, support cannot undo this” Which is a lie, they can undo it but choose not too.

To add illegal insult to injury, my brother’s battlenet who is on a different product key, battlenet account, PC, and NO VPN, has been hit with my ban as well. What is the justification for all this? Who do I contact to resolve this?

And how can I run this game with a vpn on because it’s 2020, only a fool would not use a vpn at all times.

I didn’t want to make a thread about this, I didn’t want to cancel my wow subscription over this but this is completely unacceptable, it didn’t have to be this way.


Unfortunately a blanket ban for VPN use was the only path they had in order to stop the chat spam bots a while back. Believe me when I say this, the game was UNPLAYABLE because of a massive wall of text in your face all of the time.

Yes they could do something, but if they undo a restriction for you, then they have to undo bans for everyone else as well.

Not to be the harbinger of truth, but if you can’t turn your VPN off for whatever reason, then I’m afraid you are putting yourself in a position where you can’t play Diablo 2 on Battlenet.


That’s a bit of an exaggeration. If you set up your ignorelist file properly, and limited your games by level range, you would rarely see those spams, if ever.


Yeah maybe just a bit exaggerated, I’ll give you that… However keep in mind that not everyone knows how or cares to do such things, they just want to play.

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Then perhaps an update that prevents the game from even starting up if your vpn is on, as it stands if you forget that the vpn is on you’re screwed.
Ontop of that being banned was the only way to even know VPNs were a ban. There is no excuse for this as of right now


Perhaps after all of the heat blows over from the Warcraft: Reforged release they will do something to address multiple problems with the game including the vpn issues. Keep your fingers crossed.

It should never be up to the customer to deal with that


This is pretty much the solution I’ve been calling for on these forums for about a year. I never been restricted for longer than 5 minutes, but that’s because I’ve been in tune with what’s been going on. I’m 100% grateful that the spam bots are gone, but you can be sure Blizzard only did this because they didn’t want people redirected away form bnet to black market websites, Blizz didn’t give a rat’s butt how the spammers affected legit players, just like they don’t care how their vpn restrictions affect legit players returning to the game unaware. When the world depression hits, Blizzard will likely not survive. That’s Karma.


Hey how come Support answered you but not me?! Grrrr…i knew it Blizzard Support two-faced…

I wrote in to Support twice on a Classic Games issue. They said they do not entertain any ticket dealing with classic issues and asked me to post on the classic support forum. I did that immediately. In my second ticket, I told them that I am still not getting any response from anyone nor their officials, they promptly closed my ticket and took away the ‘Reopen Issue’ option.

My issue is not even a banning or anything like that. I was proactively acting like a responsible player on Bnet by requesting info on how to verify my Classic Game Accounts! I opened several Classic Accounts and already started playing, and I could not verify my registered email addresses because their links had already expired. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO GET NEW LINKS. As of this moment, not one of my d2 playing accounts is verified, and I was thinking about purchasing a second cdkey…

This matter is almost 3 weeks and no one is attending to it. I cannot bump my own thread, so if I have no choice after a month I will have to DOUBLE POST

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  1. VPNs aren’t necessary or even an upgrade necessarily. You give no evidence to your ridiculous claim that it’s 2020 and everyone uses VPNs.
  2. You shouldn’t be sharing CD-Keys, Accounts, IPs, etc with your brother. Anything attached to the original offender is flagged and locked out. This means both of you share penalties for one of you. It’s the same concept as RICO Law in terms of getting one and getting them all. It’s helped reduce bots and kill off many bot sites and item shops. The new policies killed Project Etal (haha!) and sites like d2legit almost over night. They also killed the slew of spam bots plaguing the game to include private users spamming channels with nonsense to no end just because they could.

It’s really quite simple, don’t abuse the system and you won’t get banned. I’ve never been banned and it’s easy to see why. And look, I personally do not care if people are using VPNs and bots and whatever. This game is 20 years old. I’m just explaining to you why you can’t get mad at Blizzard for doing their job and enforcing a standard. You’re not special and not entitled to bnet, so follow the rules or accept the punishment when you’re caught.


What do you mean “When the World Depression hits” ??

Bite your tongue.

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Ohp! I’ve infiltrated your safe space.


People play single player games too. Being on VPN should have no bearing as far as single player is concerned.

A more balanced solution would be if you are on VPN, Bnet option is greyed out for you, but you can still play single player.

There’s a guide on the internet, you can filter the chat and get rid of the spam.

What does VPN have to do with spammers? Ban their accounts, ban the CD Key with which the accounts were created and be done with it. Surely VPN cannot prevent Blizzard from seeing these things on their end.

Uhm… what some random people on the internet breaking the rules have to do with this individual and his brother? Both are paying customers. If they break the rules – ban them, both the accounts and the CD Keys.
If they don’t break the rules – leave them alone and let them use the service they purchased licenses for!

If Battle net is set up in a stupid and nonsensical manner, so that if someone break the rules and uses a VPN, Blizzard somehow can’t see the account name and the CD Key associated with the account, that’s not the fault of the end user, but instead is the fault of Blizzard!

I wonder if you would be OK to be put in jail unjustly, and then when you ask as to why, you end up given some nonsensical justification along the lines of “if we were to let you go, then we would also have to release all the truly guilty convicts”.


He didn’t say, that he shared anything. They probably share a home.

Actually, banning you without you breaking any rules is not their job.

So let me see if I got this right. Imagine someone, who has played games before over battle net, but is not familiar in any way with the Diablo franchise.
He decides he wants to play Diablo 2. Googles a thing or two, he sees there are different ways to play the game, but understands, that people like to play the game online over the battle net service.

He goes to the logal brick and mortar store, or buys a key from Blizzard directly. It is explained to him, that he’ll have access to battle net.

And then some person on the forum tells him “you are not entitled”, even though he literally purchased the key to use the service. Yes, of course he IS entitled!

Anything else is you justifying a company scaming it’s users.
Yes, as an end user they shouldn’t have the right to tell you:

“choose between using the VPN service, that you’re paying for and using our service, that you paid for”

Again, if VPN somehow magically prevents Blizzard from being able to identify the account name and the CD Key associated with someone breaking the rules, that means, that they set up battle net in a braindead way. It’s up to them to fix it, not the end user.


could stop playing blizzard games. if you keep supporting them, they do whatever they want. blizzard is one of many who are known to do whatever they want. so my favorite videogame saying is “If you know what they do or you know their games are gonna be bad, and still support them, you deserve what happens.” its a sad reality


Hey, I’m just stating how it is. Don’t complain to me about it, complain to Blizzard; it was their decision to ban VPN users.

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Same problem, Just got back into D2 after 15+y.

Played some single player and then went online.
Sometimes I got a message saying “You were disconnected from BattleNet. Please Try again Later”. So I played single player and a day or so later online would work again.

Had no idea about the VPN thing, though I’m sure it is in the fineprint. Now I can’t seem to log on with the VPN off or even using my phone as a hotspot. Hope it doesn’t last too long… :frowning:

has anyone heard back from Blizzard after filing an issue?

I’ve just bought the game to play during quarantine and I’m seemingly blocked from playing it for two weeks and nothing can be done about it. This is absurd. They’re not responding to my ticket either

You don’t have to use a VPN. That’s ridiculous. I’m majoring in cybersecurity and you don’t need a VPN. And no, they physically cannot unban you. No customer service employee can do anything like that.

The restriction you get from using a VPN lasts 24 hours. So you’re not even banned. I don’t see what the problem is here.

Also, no this will never change. Diablo 2 is like 20 years old. They’re not updating this anymore. They’re not going to redesign the whole thing.

You’re lucky they even keep servers running for a 20 year old game. Back when this game released, the gaming community wasn’t a bunch of entitled little b!tches. Now it seems that’s all the gaming community is.

It’s a fvcking video game. A 20 year old video game. Get over it.

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