Support is trash

as the header says the support is trash. i have been a solid customer for 15 year and the support now is awful.
i need a Blizzard employee to take contact with me.


Blizzard support staff will not contact you based on a forum post. If you wish to contact support you need to put in a ticket through the website.

If you need help figuring out how to do that, please indicate the general nature of your issue and someone can help you figure out the ticket options.

yeah when they close the tickets without takeing any discussion its trash. i calling em tomorrow tho see if the retail can put me through

Appealing a ban is not like in a court of law where you get to argue. They will NOT enter into a back and forth with you. Never have. They will check the logs, verify that they do justify the action, and send you a form letter with the results. Again, if your daughter does not know why then she needs to ask for the email to be re-sent.

Something else, they will not discuss account actions with anyone but the account holder. If her name is on the account she needs to be the one appealing.

There is no phone number for Blizzard support. They do not take incoming calls for support and have not in almost 10 years. As I said, call in was never for appeals - it was for Account Access (password/email/authenticator), Billing, and some Tech Support.

There is nobody who can put you through to the Hacks team or GMs.

Hey bud, I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau for the same issue. Its on the forums too. My daughter just got hit with the same false bullcrap. I agree the support is now Awful. It needs to change.

If you do not follow the rules that you agreed to (the EULA, etc…), you have no standing. The BBB is not going to interfere here.

When you get poor customer service and are wrongfully penalized with a total run around and no recourse we will see.

Your daughter has recourse - she can appeal.

You just don’t LIKE the means of appealing. They won’t personally engage or argue with you. Again, if she does not know why, she needs to ask for the email to be re-sent.

You might also want to google the BBB - they are not what you think they are.

I am the customer and I have may friends that are customers that thing the new blizzard support is garbage. You can white knight this all you want. It is absolutely my opinion that blizzard has handled this all wrong. The BBB is step one and it is followed with a rating to the company involved. This will be combined with Legal council. They won’t engage, provide any proof, when I hold the lap top in my end she plays on. This is just a we think you did X. Ohh by the way mixing up what game the issue was on. Call of duty when overwatch was in question. Not once but twice. Yea. Again keep white knighting this sad thing blizzard customer support has become.

What is the role of BBB during the complaint process?
The BBB Dispute Resolution Counsellor (who handles the complaint) works with both parties to try and help them come to their own mutually acceptable resolution. BBB acts as a neutral third party, and does not make a decision to resolve the matter. Through the complaint process, our counsellors do the following: review the complaint to make sure it is something the BBB can help with, forward correspondence provided by each party to the opposing party, offer suggestions about how each party can move the complaint towards resolution, offer alternative dispute resolution services (like mediation or arbitration) should the complaint not be concluding satisfactorily, close the complaint to report what happened through the process, and finally, redact the complaint details to remove personal information for publishing. The counsellors are also your source for understanding the BBB role through the process and provide any guidance where appropriate.

If you want to waste your time and money, go for it.

A private company can remove you from their platform for violating the rules any time they want.

No, their process does not allow you to get into an argument with a real person. They also will not give you the logs that show what they caught. That is information the bot/cheat makers would love to have so the Hacks team does not provide it. What is provided is a general statement about what category of rule was broken.

Again, this is how Blizz has always worked. You can either follow the EULA you agreed to and the appeals process or not. The BBB and a lawyer are not going to change that. Threatening won’t change the ban or make them change the process.

Blizzard does not handle anything for Activision Call of Duty related to bans, support, etc. They should not have been discussing it at all other than to direct someone asking about CoD bans to the Activision website.

If support did not read the ticket and realize your daughter appeals about OW, then be sure to fill out the survey you get when the ticket is closed. That goes to supervisors.

EDIT - as an aside MVPs (greens) are other players, not Blizzard staff. We have no access to anything at all Blizzard side, including talking to the CS team. We have exactly the same forum stuff you do - except green text.

You are a green and do not know what is going on obviously. We will see on the BBB and Lawyer path. I guess I will waste my money fighting against what is wrong and the poor experiences we have received in this process.

You are not convincing me of anything so stop wasting your breath. Blizzard has been extremely wrong in this and I do not plan to take it as a paying customer standing there. Everyone else who has been wronged by the flawed process needs an avenue to complain when it is obvious this customer support is not listening. You said it yourself. They make mistakes, but in many of these cases they are not admitting them.

I will throw as much at this as I can to make sure that blizzard processes are reviewed and customer dissatisfaction and the poor treatment of customers are made known.